Lightweight Shredder Doesn’t Sacrifice Power

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An SSI M55-L Shredder installed into a Shredfast PT-326 Mobile Shredding Truck.

Shredfast, Inc. was looking for a way to extend the power and efficiency of its PT-300 Series Mobile Document Shredder into a non-CDL (Commercial Drivers License) configuration. The PT-326 Mobile Shredder would provide the production capability of the PT-300 Series yet reside in a smaller overall footprint.

The 26,000 pound weight restriction imposed on non-CDL vehicles comes with a few challenges specific to the realm of shredding. Foremost is how to maintain throughput and still haul an economically viable payload.

Shredfast formed a design/consulting team to best configure the PT-326 Mobile Shredder to meet the its goals: (1) high shredder production; and (2) maximized transport capability. The team consisted of Shredfast employees and ownership, many with considerable experience not only in manufacturing shredding trucks but in the document destruction industry itself.

Shredfast PT-326 Mobile Shredder.

Shredfast PT-326 Mobile Shredder.

One option that was completely off the table when configuring the PT-326 was to downsize shredder production capacity. This would be a simple fix to throw in smaller shredder and remove the patented SFS-100 Feed System. The overall weight of the shredding components would be reduced, but the throughput would be severely affected. That just wasn’t an option for Shredfast.

The solution that the Shredfast team came up with was to reduce the weight of the shredder head itself. By trimming weight from non-critical parts they could realize the weight savings they were seeking.

Shredfast, Inc. worked closely with SSI Shredding Systems to redesign their Dual-Shear™ M55 Two-Shaft Shredder to better fit Shredfast’s non-CDL application.

The M55 Shredder has been used in Shredfast’s Pierce & Tear line of mobile shredding vehicles for over 12 years. Its robust design and quality components have made it the industry leader in throughput and reliability.

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Shredfast wanted to take the power of the M55 and install it into a smaller 26,000 GVW chassis PT-326. Traditionally, Shredfast has installed the M55 on a 33,000 GVW or larger chassis. This allowed the PT-333 to shred at a rate of 6,000 pounds per hour and haul a 9,000 pound payload. The problem with putting the standard M55 in a 26,000 GVW truck is that the available payload is reduced to 4,000 pounds.

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In order to create a truly powerful and useful non-CDL document destruction vehicle with a sufficient payload, Shredfast had to have a lighter shredder. SSI stepped up and created the Dual-Shear™ M55-L Two-Shaft Shredder.

Working closely with input from the Shredfast team, Dave Wilson, Technical Sales for SSI, took on the challenge of removing 20% of the weight from the M55 without incurring any reduction in service factor. The intensive process took four months to complete. SSI’s strategy was to retain core parts of the shredder and only trim weight on non-critical components.

SSI M55-L-14.jpg

SSI looked at every single component on the M55 in order to determine where to reduce weight. They determined that the frame and the components around the cutter is where they could decrease weight and still keep the M55’s superior production capability. They also incorporated aluminum alloys in areas where it made sense such as the gear box covers. SSI was able to trim significant weight. In fact, they reduced the weight of the M55 by 700 pounds.

We looked at every part of the design and kept the critical components such as the shaft size and knives the same but reduced weight in other areas. (Dave Wilson)

The redesign of the M55 has met all design requirements. It has allowed Shredfast to continue upon the proven success of its PT-300 Series Mobile Shredder but in a smaller 26,000 GVW platform. It is installed in the PT-326 Mobile Document Shredder. It’s a great option for shredding business seeking to retain the power of the PT-300 Series Shredders but enjoy the benefits of a non-CDL truck.

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