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Hard Drive Destruction


HDS-V2 Hard Drive Shear

While smashing, bending, punching and sanitizing may meet minimum requirement for hard drive disposal, they do not in fact destroy! Total hard drive destruction where not a single byte of data is recoverable is what your clients expect. Our HDS-V2 slices through hard drives rendering their stored data absolutely unretrievable. The HDS-V2 provides the destruction level your clients are demanding at a process rate greatly surpassing other technologies. The HDS-V2 will handle all types of drives either full-sized or laptop. It will also destroy the latest solid-state drives (SSD). Whether you pursue large purges or single hard drive opportunities, the HDS-V2 is up for the challenge.

High Production Rate

If you’re looking to start bidding on high volume purges this is the equipment you’ll need. Our HDS-V2 has a production rate of 300+ drives per hour which makes short work of big jobs. Our HDS-V2 is also fed by a non-magnetic conveyor belt to minimize the buildup of magnetic drive debris.

Portable or Plant Based Solutions

Our HDS-V2 is configurable as either truck-mounted or floor-mounted for off-site hard drive destruction. We frequently mount our Hard Drive Shear in the 3′ storage compartment of our PT-300 Pierce & Tear Mobile Shredders. This makes for an effective option for your clients that need document and data destruction in the same visit. We also mount the HDS-V2 in standard box trucks for a single purpose-built application.

Orientation Vertical
Cutting Technology Shear
HDS Drive Hydraulic Cylinder
Hydraulic Flow Rate 18 gal/mi
Electric Power Requirement 12 volts
System Pressure 1500 PSI
Feed System Auto Feed Chamber
Throughput 300 Drives per hour
Limited Warranty 6 Month Parts
Width 34.5″
Height 42”
Depth 18.5”
Kubota 909 Diesel Engine O
Auxiliary Power Wet Kit O


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