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Shredfast, Inc. decal on MasterVault van body

Shredfast, Inc. decal on MasterVault van body.

Shredfast was formed on a foundation of mobile document destruction. Our founder owned and operated a successful mobile shredding company for a period of seven years. That business grew and eventually spanned seven western states and had more than 12,000 collection bins in service. At Shredfast, we take our knowledge of the document destruction industry and put it into manufacturing equipment that fits the huge need for automated mobile shredding equipment. Shredfast now builds multiple lines of products that include mobile shredding, mobile collection and hard drive destruction.

Shredfast Timeline

  • 1996 – Dave Rajewski receives a patent for the first high throughput shredder and a curbside lift. (U.S. Patent # 5,542,617)
  • 1998 – Dave Rajewski forms Shredfast, Inc. a premier builder of mobile shredding and collection equipment.
  • 2000 – Shredfast, Inc. begins to export to Europe, Israel and Korea.
  • 2001 – Engineering begins on the mobile equipment line.
  • 2002 – Dave Rajewski receives a patent for a synchronized automated feed system. (U.S. Patents # US 6,491,245 B1 and # RE 40,126 E)
  • 2004 – Dave Rajewski receives a patent for a material delivery and segregation system used in Mobile collection trucks. (Patent # US 6,752,583 B2.
  • 2008 – Development starts on a small particle size rotary shear shredder now known as the STR 400 Series.
  • 2013 – Develops a ultra-compact mobile collection vehicle, the RL-520 Freedom, built specifically for urban centers.
  • 2014 – Development begins on a hydraulically driven mobile document shredder, the PT-125.

The Future

Shredfast continues to innovate and streamline the document destruction process. We will continue to develop high quality equipment that exceeds customer expectation.

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