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Mobile Collection

Shredfast is the industry innovator in secure document collection. Our three models can fit any of your document collection needs. Our models include advanced features such as our grip tipping assembly and integrated Parker touchscreen displays.

Secure Collection

Document security is of utmost importance when transporting documents to your plant-based shredding facility. Your customers demand that their documents leave their business and arrive at your plant with absolute security. We have engineered all of our mobile collection vehicles to securely contain their cargo.

RL-520 Freedom Mobile Collection Vehicle

RL-520 Freedom Mobile Collection Vehicle

RL-520 Freedom

The RL-520 Freedom is a compact collection vehicle that will vastly outperform tradition box trucks in transferring documents to your plant-based shredder. It is built on a Class 5 commercial vehicle and measures in under 23 feet from bumper to end of body. If you’re looking for a vehicle that will easily navigate congested urban streets then the Freedom is for you.


SL-100 Mobile Collection

SL-100 Mobile Collection Series

SL-100 Series

Efficiency is key to a profitable document destruction business. Eliminate the major investment in doubling up collection bins with the SL-100 Series from Shredfast. Simply lift bins up to 175 gallons with its speedy side loading lift system. You’ll need less manpower to service your routes with the SL-100.

SL-100 Mobile Collection

MTS-200 Mobile Collection Series

MTS-200 Series

When you look for options in a mobile collection truck look no further than the MTS-200 Series. With unloading options of a hoist, removable inserts containers or an active floor you can configure the MTS-200 to efficiently fit into your production cycle.