Tino Fluckiger – 1-800-Shredding


Tino Fluckiger in front of 1800-SHREDDING’s new Shredfast PT-333 Mobile Shredder.

Tino Fluckiger, President and CEO of 1-800-Shredding Inc., visited Shredfast World Headquarters to pick up a new PT-333 Mobile Document Shredder. This new vehicle will be the sixth in his fleet which serves Vancouver, British Columbia.

The high throughput and reliability of the PT-300 Series was a deciding factor for its purchase. Currently 1-800-Shredding  meets the shredding demands of its customers through onsite mobile paper shredding.

“Initially my experience with the other shredding technology was it was very good. The technology worked for our company and generally did the job. I noticed that since moving to the Shredfast technology there are specific and impactful differences in the technology that help me run the business more effectively and make more money.” (Tino Fluckiger)

Throughput was definitely one of the key factors for this upward change in productivity and profitability. The functionality and usefulness of the truck also became a factor for Fluckiger versus the trucks they were already using.

“It’s much easier for our drivers to work with the truck overall. It has easier access to bins, less dust being produced by the shredder and it’s also less noisy. All these things make for a more driver friendly product which was important to me.” (Tino Fluckiger)


1-800-Shredding is a member of National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). Which describes itself as “the international trade association for companies providing information destruction services around the globe”. 1-800-Shredding  has achieved NAID AAA Certification. This voluntary certification provides standards for mobile and plant-based shredding operations of document and printed media. It also sets standards for digital media destruction.

“The product is of very high quality. Although I am paying a bit of a premium for the product, I feel it is well worth it. By purchasing this technology, I’m going to have a better presence in the marketplace with our customers. We are also going to have higher levels of efficiency and less break downs. All factors are leading to overall profitability and success of my organization.” (Tino Fluckiger)

wpid-Tino-Fluckinger-5.jpgFluckiger found purchasing equipment from Shredfast to be a very easy process.

“From Sales to manufacturing to service all the staff is involve has been very helpful, courteous and friendly. It makes for a better buying experience.” (Tino Fluckiger)

To learn more about the PT-300 Series Mobile Shredders from Shredfast please call us at 1-800-299-8437.

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Brandon Boylan – Montana Records Management, LLP.

Brandon Boylin - Shred Operations Manager at Montana Records Management

Brandon Boylan – Shred Operations Manager at Montana Records Management

Brandon Boylan, Executive Shred Operations Manager of Montana Records Management, LLP., stopped by and picked up their fourth Shredfast Mobile Shredding Vehicle at the Shredfast World Headquarters in Airway Heights, WA.

Montana Records Management, LLP. is headquartered in Helena, MT with a satellite location serving the eastern side of the state in Billings, MT. Currently they are servicing routes across the entire state from Libby in the west to Sydney in the east. To see their entire service map click here.

Coming from the records management and storage sector, Montana Records Management, LLP. saw excellent market potential in mobile document destruction. In fact, it has become a major service offering for their business. They are NAID AAA Certified in Mobile Operation endorsed for Paper/Printed Media, Computer Hard Drive & Non-Paper Media destruction. They currently employ nine employees in the state.

Shredfast PT-352 Mobile Document Shredder

Shredfast PT-352 Mobile Document Shredder

According to Boylan, Montana Records Management, LLP. chose a PT-300 Series Mobile Shredder because of it’s high throughput. At 6,000 pounds per hour, the PT-300 can quickly shred documents and get drivers onto their next stops, maximizing efficiency.

“I like the throughput of the PT-300 better than all the rest. Time is money when it comes to shredding. They’ve been a solid truck.” (Brandon Boylan)

Shredfast's PT-352 - 52,000 GVW

Shredfast’s PT-352 – 52,000 GVW

They chose the PT-352 in particular, expressly for it’s impressive payload. At 17,500 pounds of payload, the PT-352 can easily handle big purges and transport large volumes of shredded documents with power to spare.

The strategy Montana Records Management, LLP. uses for covering the vast state of Montana is dependent upon the proximity of paper recyclers and great distance between stops. Because they are limited on where they can dump paper, it made economic sense to make full routes with larger trucks. The PT-352 with its tandem axle was designed for handling heavy loads. Like most things in the state of Montana, bigger is better.

Customer service was also another factor for Montana Records Management, LLP. in purchasing their fourth Shredfast truck. Boylan actually brought in another of his fleet’s vehicle for a service update to the feed system. Boylan has been happy with the customer service and has built a lot of good relationships with the Shredfast team and hopes to continue that in the future.

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BestShred, LLC.

mb truck road

BestShred, LLC., an independent shredding company based out of American Fork, Utah, was started by two college roommates. Owners Miles McCracken and Brett Bailey continued their close association from their Brigham Young University dorm into their mobile document shredding business.

Started in 2009, BestShred is the only shredding company based out of Utah County which is south of Salt Lake City. Utah County is home to roughly 540,000 people. BestShred serves customers from Payson on the southern end of Utah Lake to the city of Bountiful in the north.

McCracken first came up with the idea of running his own shredding company after inquiring about a small purge for his existing business from another provider. He called the provider and was given a timeline of ten days due to his small business size and his location in Utah County. Holding his cell phone away from his ear he incredulously mouthed the words “ten days, did he just say ten days?” He knew he could provide better customer service himself. He approached his college roommate Bailey with the idea of going into the document destruction business.

“I know this is going to sound crazy, but document shredding might be a business model we could run with.” (Miles McCracken)

With that and vital planning an execution, BestShred was now in business. McCracken and Bailey currently operate a single Shredfast PT-300 and provide service to nearly 500 customers. They operate 8 hours a day 4-5 days a week.  53.3% of the business comes from recurring revenue, 26.4% from purges, 19.3% from recycling, and 1% from media.

Brett Bailey and Miles McCracken of BestShred, LLC.

Brett Bailey and Miles McCracken of BestShred, LLC.

Their business model is based solely upon customer service. They don’t require a contract. There’s no gas or trip surcharges either. Their marketing relies heavily on networking and referrals. They also claim to have not lost a single customer due to poor service in the four years they’ve been in business. They literally don’t lose customers!

Document shredding is also their only business. They don’t have records storage or recycling to fall back on. They are 100% invested in the shredding industry. At BestShred their business mantra is “we want to earn your business every day.”

Before purchasing a truck they talked to many manufacturers. McCracken and Bailey are pretty particular about their investments, their new truck was no exception. Shredfast flew them in to visit their factory in Airway Heights and was willing to listen to and understand their needs.

The two were impressed with Shredfast’s MasterVault aluminum panel construction. The box design was far more secure than typical fiberglass reinforced plywood. They also saw the simplicity of the electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems as a plus. The ability to fix small problems on the road has been a huge asset to BestShred.

“The reliability of the truck has been top notch.” (Brett Bailey)

One of the biggest challenges BestShred is facing is how to manage growth. Bailey and McCracken are looking to expand their business while still maintaining the same level of customer service.  That’s a point that BestShred is not willing to compromise on.

Remaining fast friends while in business together may be difficult, but they seem to pull it off easily. Bailey joked about his chosen career path.

“I just always wanted to make big pieces of paper into small pieces of paper. It’s been a dream of mine.” (Brett Bailey)

For more information on BestShred check them out on their website. You can also follow them on Facebook.

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