Shredfast Achieves Production Milestone

October 23, 2017

Shredfast, Inc. announces that it is celebrating a significant milestone at their production facility in Airway Heights, WA: 500 van bodies built.

“We are very proud to achieve this milestone after manufacturing van bodies for more than 19 years,” said Rocky Rajewski, President and Owner. “It’s a big accomplishment that can be attributed to the dedication of our team and the trust our customers put in our company.”

Shredfast began producing van bodies in 1998 for the document destruction industry, these van bodies were used for the first high throughput shredder and a curbside lift (U.S. Patent # 5,542,617). Since then, the company has expanded their facilities and their product line, now producing over twice as many van bodies per week.

The van body is designed to house industrial shredding equipment and paper delivery systems for mobile shredding and mobile collection vehicles. The van body is often manufactured to accommodate a bin lifting mechanism, operator controls, bin storage compartments, and security mechanisms suited for the document destruction industry. Shredfast is the global leader in Mobile Collection Vehicles.

About Shredfast, Inc.
Shredfast is an American equipment manufacturer for the document destruction industry. Their products include mobile collection vehicles, mobile shredding vehicles, hard drive shears, bin rotators, and feed systems. They design, machine, fabricate, assemble, and test all their equipment in their manufacturing facility in Airway Heights, WA.


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RL-520 Freedom Data Proves Promising

October 23, 2017

We had an opportunity to put the RL-520 Freedom Collection Vehicle through its paces in a real world test this last month. We ran document collection routes over several weeks in Southern California and San Francisco to see if our concept of “smaller is better” was truly practical. Preliminary RL-520 Freedom data is in and is even more promising than we predicted.

Unlike a common box truck, the Freedom is a dedicated secure document collection vehicle. It’s not built to haul produce or deliver couches, it’s built to securely contain sensitive business documents until they can be shredded at an off-site location. Customers will not confuse this vehicle with a delivery truck. Being purpose-built for the document destruction industry, the Freedom can out perform a box truck in every aspect.

Compared to a box truck, the Freedom showed:

  • Dramatically reduced route times.
  • Greater fuel mileage.
  • Stronger security.
  • Increased driver safety.
  • Increased urban maneuverability.
  • More parking opportunities.
  • Quicker unloading times.

The RL-520 Freedom is built on a Isuzu NRR chassis. The cab-over design makes the NRR the most maneuverable in their class and far more nimble than any conventional truck could ever hope to be. The NRR comes standard with an Isuzu 4HK1-TC 5.2-liter diesel engine and an Aisin heavy-duty six-speed automatic transmission.

The mechanics of using a box truck for document collection is very time consuming. The route driver has to perform a shuffling act in the back of a truck with heavy bins that can weigh over 200 lbs. Typically it takes drivers about 2 minutes and 45 seconds to swap out a bin. The Freedom utilizes an automatic hydraulic lift to greatly reduce the load times. If you get a bin within 10′ of the back of the Freedom, a bin can be emptied in under 40 seconds.

On our routes in San Francisco and Los Angeles we were getting 10 MPG. A typical box truck in these locations sees about 6 MPG. That makes the Freedom 67% more fuel efficient than a box truck. If you currently run your collection truck around 20,000 miles per year, at $4.00 a gallon for diesel fuel, you could save up to $5,333 per year in fuel costs.

The Freedom is also far more secure than a box truck, as a dedicated piece of document collection equipment should be. The paper collection area in the Freedom cannot be accessed by route drivers nor by any persons without a key. It is secured by a state-of-the-art Babaco® TRUK-LOK® security system. With a box truck, the rollup door is constantly being raised and lowered and is commonly secured by a simple padlock.

One of the main problems with using a box truck for a document collection truck is the liftgate. They can be quite dangerous to operators if used improperly. Instances of falls, amputations and even deaths have occurred with the improper use of liftgates. Also the narrow spectrum of safe operation is in many cases not practical to busy route drivers. With the Freedom, the operator never has to ride the liftgate up to steady a load. They can remain standing on the ground or dock and safely tip their documents.

With a overall length of 22′ 8″, the Freedom is 10′ shorter than a standard box truck. With this shorter, more compact length, the Freedom can easily maneuver busy urban streets. Drivers commented on how nimble the Freedom was in busy traffic. Tight turns and U-turns were no problem. Accessing underground loading docks in parking garages is also easy with the Freedom’s 9’ 8” height.

Parking was a major benefit for route drivers testing out the new Freedom. This vehicle can park nearly everywhere a standard car can park. Again, the shorter total length of this vehicle takes the hassle out of finding adequate parking. The instances of double-parking and its related fines and tickets can be all but eliminated.

Quicker unloading times are another advantage noted on the first leg of the RL-520 Freedom Tour. Documents are loading into six plastic Gaylords in the payload area of the Freedom. Back at the off-site shredding plant, unloading and loading takes about five minutes with a forklift. With a traditional box truck, the operator spends about 25 minutes exchanging the full bins with empties. Also floorspace at the the plant is maximized because Gaylords can be stacked.

Overall the RL-520 Freedom excelled at document collection in its first real-world tests. By making a dedicated document collection truck we have succeeded in creating a vehicle that truly out performs a box truck in every metric that we tested. Sometime smaller is better, at least when regarding a purpose-built piece of equipment.

Shredfast/ShredSupply Recognizes Valued Employees

October 23, 2017

Holiday Party 2013-1.jpg
On December 27th, 2013, Shredfast, Inc. and ShredSupply, Inc. held a joint holiday party at Northern Quest Resort & Casino in Airway Heights, Washington. This annual event is not only a holiday celebration but an occasion to thank employees for a year’s work in building the two companies.

Holiday Party 2013-5.jpgShredfast and ShredSupply are manufacturers and remanufacturers of mobile document shredding and collection equipment, respectively for the records management and information destruction industry. Both businesses are now in the same location in Airway Heights, an industrial area west of Spokane, Washington.

Rocky Rajewski, Owner and President of ShredSupply, spoke briefly on how much the employees of both companies have contributed to the success of the businesses. He praised the skill, dedication, and attention to detail of the employees. He also took a moment to present special plaques to a few select employees for their exemplary service within the organizations.

Ignacio Soto

Ignacio Soto

Brandon Siler

Brandon Siler

Rich Wakefield

Rich Wakefield

Ruth Brown 2013

Ruth Brown 2013

Awards were presented as follow:

Shredfast Team Leadership Award 2013
For distinguished attitude & outstanding workmanship.
Ignacio Soto

Shredfast Production Award 2013
For exemplary skill and expertise in the are of production & unity output.
Tyler Thomas

Shredfast Presidents Award 2013
For outstanding professional skill, knowledge & leadership.
Rich Wakefield

ShredSupply Service Award 2013
For distinguished customer service.
Ronnie Soto 2013

ShredSupply Team Leadership Award 2013
For distinguished attitude & outstanding workmanship.
Brandon Siler 2013

ShredSupply Presidents Award 2013
For outstanding professional skill, knowledge & leadership.
Ruth Brown 2013

Rajewski also handed out many gift bags that were drawn randomly. Items included tool sets, DVDs, and gift cards. The ultimate drawing was a large flat-screen television won by Bruce Trusty.

For more photos of this event check out Shredfast on flickr.

Shredfast Unveils New Website

October 23, 2017

New Website-1-Edit.jpg

Enhanced Integration With Social Networks

Shredfast, Inc., a leading manufacturer of mobile document destruction and collection equipment, unveils a new website designed to integrate with modern social networks.

Located in Airway Heights, Washington, Shredfast designs and builds vehicles for the document shredding industry. These trucks are purpose-built to either shred documents on-site or securely deliver them to a plant-based facility. Shredding is a vital component of records management thereby preventing identity theft.

The new website will add Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Flickr components to better connect with clients. It will also give the ability for site visitors to easily share content on their own networks via social sharing buttons on the bottom of content pages.

Shredfast brought on a new Marketing Manager, John Demke, to integrate these modern technologies into the new site.

Our clients are already viewing videos on YouTube and looking at photos on Flickr. We want to connect with them on the social network they choose, on be it LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. (John Demke)

Content creation will be key to the new website. This process will be continually adding new and engaging content to the site and spreading it over social networks. Shredfast plans to create a series of videos to supplement their training and maintenance programs. They will also be shooting more photos and adding more marketing materials including data sheets and brochures to the site in PDF form.