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2016_pt-125_cutoutPT-125 Pierce & Tear Series

Are you looking for a cost-effective non-CDL shredder that doesn’t skimp on production capability? Shredfast has created the PT-125 to efficiently shred documents in a smaller footprint. You’ll get the legendary Shredfast quality and design in a 26,000 GVW shredder. The PT-125 includes many design innovations that have made Shredfast vehicles the choice of the industry for over 17 years. It includes a conveyor feed system to maximize throughput, a custom-built hydraulic shredder, side-mounted grip tipping assembly and integrated state-of-the-art hydraulic controls.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 26,000 GVW 33,000 GVW
Throughput 5,500+ lbs/hr 5,000+ lbs/hr
Legal Payload Capacity 7,000 lb  10,500 lb est.
Drive Configuration Hydraulic/PTO Hydraulic/PTO
Vehicle Length 28′  31′
Vehicle Width 8′ 6″  8′ 6″
FEATURES PT-125-26 PT-125-33
Conveyor Feed System S S
Custom Shredfast Hydraulic Shredder S S
Integrated Parker Touchscreen Control Panel S S
Danfoss Hydraulic Controls S S
Side Mounted Grip Tipping Assembly S S
Custom FRP Construction S S
Active Floor Unloading S S
On-board Video Cameras & Monitor S S
Enclosed Lockable Operator Panel S S
LED Body Lighting S S
1 Year Parts Warranty S S
OPTIONS PT-125-26 PT-125-33
MasterVault Aluminum Van Body O O
Side-view Camera O O
Backup Camera O O
Tool Kit O O
Underbody Utility Box 16”x24”x30” O O
Delivery & Training O O

S = Standard  O = Option  X = Not Available
Shredfast, Inc. proudly states the information on the this page is rated conservatively and understates testing results through the Shredfast, Inc. manufacturing facility. Shredfast, Inc. chooses to emphasize Legal Payload as opposed to Payload Capacity.

*The term Payload Capacity generally exceeds legal weight and could result in unlawful operation.

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